Buc(h)_a_rest in the biggest Romanian city !

Welcome all!On the edge of Old Town, where the night life is at 5-7 min walking distance!

The best romanian food, the best parties, the beauty of the East!

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  • A WordPress Commenter July 10, 2022 at 6:38 pm

    Hi, this is an accommodation website from Bucharest,Romania.
    Text us if any suggestion ONLY reffering to the bookings, OTHERWISE will be considered a SPAM and will be immediatedly DELETED
    Feel free to leave comments, or visit the Comments screen, but only if are for real email addreses or you are humans and not machineries.
    Don’t waste all the people time, we don’t need promotion, shops, other Seo or Marketing, WE ONLY receive the most accurate texts
    So Cheers guys!!!
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